Steering Group

Steering Group 01 10
Most of the first steering group at the signing of the affiliation documents.

At the village meeting in September 2009, our aims first went public. Following an inspiring talk by Grenville Clarke of the Green Light Trust, the audience were asked if they would commit to being on the steering group of our brand new organisation. Twelve people were prepared to take the job on. All but one of the audience agreed to be supporters; a very promising start!.

First tasks were to look for promising sites in the village where we could develop the biodiversity with the support of the village and also to strengthen links with St. Cuthberts CE Primary School, by preparing for an inaugural celebration.

Preparing the school tree nursery
The tree nursery work party



Since then, the Steering Group has met regularly and oversees the work of the group, as the number of sites and the numbers of volunteers and supporters have expanded. If you wish to contact the Steering Group with comments or suggestions, these can be made through the ‘Contact us’ section of the website.